"What would my business
look like if I could close more sales?"

"How can I make that happen?"
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Why 3rd Best?

The best option for the owner of a small business who wants to grow it is to focus upon new business development themselves. You're the expert in what your company does
and no one is more passionate its offering -  but you likely already have a full plate
and may be lacking the skills or confidence necessary for making winning presentations.

The 2nd best option is to hire an experienced business development specialist for your staff,
but these tend to be expensive hires and also adds the title of "Sales Manager" to your
own job, something that few entrepreneurs care to do. 

The 3rd Best choice is to either outsource your business development process
to 3rd Best, or let us teach, coach and assist you in accomplishing your business development goals.  We'll do so in an affordable, flexible and effective manner focused upon results. 
We work by the day, per project or on a retained basis that allows flexibility.
Direct Representation is provided on a commission basis.

3rd Best makes businesses grow!

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