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Case Studies

  • An industrial engineering and fabrication company that manufactures sophisticated polution control systems for the power generation and process industries needed a proactive way to bring in new quoting opportunities.  3rd Best indentified representation firms located within important and relevant business regions across America and Southeast Asia and then vetted, recruited and trained them to sell the client's systems resulting in new client revenues and increased market share.  3rd Best also created and implemented a strategy of creating strategic alliances with other OEMs that served the same target client base opening additional doors for them.


  • A start-up software company wanted to attend an industry trade show but managers were concerned about the high costs associated with attending.  3rd Best analyzed their needs and recommended an approach other than exhibiting to use in connecting with relevant show attendees that significantly lowered their costs allowing then to attend and resulting in a new pipeline of opportunities.  Strategy and training sessions were conducted prior to the show to refine their pitch and discuss ways to best engage prospects, discover needs and get agreement on next steps to use in moving interested prospects into becoming new clients.


  • Leadership of a regional nonprofit wanted to meet with the head of a major healthcare organization but was unable to penetrate past the CEO's gatekeepers to schedule a meeting.  3rd Best made the connection, scheduled the meeting (which by then included other executive decision makers), trained and rehearsed the nonprofit managers how to make their presentation in the most compelling manner and accompanied the team on the call to guide the process through to the nonprofit's desired conclusion.


  • A business process outsourcing firm, nearly 20 years in operation, began experiencing a steady decline in the results they produced for their clients as well as significantly decreased client retention and reduced company revenues.  3rd Best conducted a thorough analysis of the firm's operations, finances, personnel, market competitors and internal process methodology.  Operational cost savings were identified and implemented, recommended staffing adjustments were made, operational software was upgraded creating a lower annual cost than old systems along with improved performance, new tools for management were created to better monitor company performance and sweeping upgrades were recommended for improving their client services, also designed to increase company margins and revenues.

  • A formulator/ manufacturer of skin and hair products had created a well-received product line but needed a strategy to expand sales which 3rd Best provided.  3rd Best helped the client better leverage their minority enterprise status, become more effective at trade shows and created a new revenue stream of imported raw material sales.

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